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This document lists errata items for FreeBSD 6.2-RELEASE, containing significant information discovered after the release or too late in the release cycle to be otherwise included in the release documentation. This information includes security advisories, as well as news relating to the software or documentation that could affect its operation or usability. An up-to-date version of this document should always be consulted before installing this version of FreeBSD.

This errata document for FreeBSD 6.2-RELEASE will be maintained until the release of FreeBSD 6.3-RELEASE.

1 Introduction

This errata document contains “late-breaking news” about FreeBSD 6.2-RELEASE. Before installing this version, it is important to consult this document to learn about any post-release discoveries or problems that may already have been found and fixed.

Any version of this errata document actually distributed with the release (for example, on a CDROM distribution) will be out of date by definition, but other copies are kept updated on the Internet and should be consulted as the “current errata” for this release. These other copies of the errata are located at, plus any sites which keep up-to-date mirrors of this location.

Source and binary snapshots of FreeBSD 6-STABLE also contain up-to-date copies of this document (as of the time of the snapshot).

For a list of all FreeBSD CERT security advisories, see or

2 Late-Breaking News and Corrections

[20070116] The release notes should have mentioned that a separate ISO image has been created with readable documentation files. It contains renderings of the documention for all supported languages; the last several FreeBSD releases only contained English documents due to space limitations.

[20070116] Some versions of the release announcement contained an incorrect manual page reference for the GELI disk encryption subsystem. The correct manual page is geli(8).

3 Security Advisories

The following security advisories pertain to FreeBSD 6.2-RELEASE. For more information, consult the individual advisories available from

Advisory Date Topic
SA-07:02.bind 9 February 2007

Multiple Denial of Service vulnerabilities in named(8)

SA-07:03.ipv6 26 April 2007

IPv6 Routing Header 0 is dangerous

SA-07:05.libarchive 12 July 2007

Errors handling corrupt tar files in libarchive(3)

SA-07:09.random 29 November 2007

Random value disclosure

4 Known Problems and Solutions

[20070116] As mentioned in the release notes, the arcmsr(4) driver was updated for FreeBSD 6.2-RELEASE. Some isolated crash problems were noted after this update, although the driver in general tends to work quite well for many testers, and it seems to be “better” in general in terms of functionality and supported hardware. Users having problems may wish to consider backing out the driver update or installing a version of this driver directly from Areca. Further investigation is continuing into these issues.

[20070116] FreeBSD 6.2-RELEASE has been diagnosed with kernel bug related to UNIX-domain sockets. A patch for this problem has been committed to HEAD and RELENG_6, and is a candidate for an errata patch to RELENG_6_2 after further testing.

[20070116, update 20070212] Systems with very heavy network activity have been observed to have some problems with the kernel memory allocator. Symptoms are processes that get stuck in zonelimit state, or system livelocks. One partial workaround for this problem is to add the following line to /boot/loader.conf and reboot:


Other workarounds have been discussed on the freebsd-current@ and freebsd-stable@ mailing lists.

A bugfix has been committed to HEAD and has been merged to RELENG_6.

[20070123, updated 20070307 FreeBSD 6.2-RELEASE does not properly add a host route to the destination of a gif(4) interface configured as an IPv6 point-to-point interface. This makes it impossible to send traffic across the tunnel. A workaround is to add the required route manually. If the gif(4) interface was configured as:

# ifconfig gif0 ADDRESS/128 DESTINATION

then the correct route can be added with this command:

# route add -host -inet6 DESTINATION -iface gif0 -llinfo -nostatic

A fix for this problem has been committed to HEAD, RELENG_6, and RELENG_6_2. Further details are given in FreeBSD Errata Notice

[20070307] Under certain circumstances, a failed jail(8) startup may cause some undesired changes to a host's network interface configuration, due to a bug in the rc.d/jail startup script. This problem has been corrected on HEAD, RELENG_6, and RELENG_6_2, and is documented in FreeBSD Errata Notice EN-07:03.rc.d_jail.

[20070318] The freebsd-update(8) client included in FreeBSD 6.2-RELEASE does not properly update SMP kernels. This bug has been fixed on HEAD, RELENG_6, and RELENG_6_2, as described in FreeBSD Errata Notice EN-07:05.freebsd-update.

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