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This document lists errata items for FreeBSD 5.5-RELEASE, containing significant information discovered after the release or too late in the release cycle to be otherwise included in the release documentation. This information includes security advisories, as well as news relating to the software or documentation that could affect its operation or usability. An up-to-date version of this document should always be consulted before installing this version of FreeBSD.

This errata document for FreeBSD 5.5-RELEASE will be maintained until the end-of-life date for the 5-STABLE branch. As of the release date, this date was estimated to be 31 May 2008. The current end-of-life state for the various FreeBSD branches can be found at

1 Introduction

This errata document contains ``late-breaking news'' about FreeBSD 5.5-RELEASE. Before installing this version, it is important to consult this document to learn about any post-release discoveries or problems that may already have been found and fixed.

Any version of this errata document actually distributed with the release (for example, on a CDROM distribution) will be out of date by definition, but other copies are kept updated on the Internet and should be consulted as the ``current errata'' for this release. These other copies of the errata are located at, plus any sites which keep up-to-date mirrors of this location.

Source and binary snapshots of FreeBSD 5-STABLE also contain up-to-date copies of this document (as of the time of the snapshot).

For a list of all FreeBSD CERT security advisories, see or

2 Security Advisories

The following security advisories pertain to FreeBSD 5.5-RELEASE. For more information, consult the individual advisories available from

Advisory Date Topic
SA-06:15.ypserv 31 May 2006

Inoperative access controls in ypserv(8)

SA-06:16.smbfs 31 May 2006

smbfs chroot escape

SA-06:17.sendmail 14 June 2006

Incorrect multipart message handling in Sendmail

SA-06:18.ppp 23 August 2006

Buffer overflow in sppp(4)

SA-06:19.openssl 06 September 2006

Incorrect PKCS#1 v1.5 padding validation in crypto(3)

SA-06:20.bind 06 September 2006

Denial of Service in named(8)

SA-06:21.gzip 19 September 2006

Multiple vulnerabilities in gzip(1)

SA-06:22.openssh 30 September 2006

Multiple vulnerabilities in OpenSSH

SA-06:23.openssl 28 September 2006

Multiple problems in crypto(3)

SA-06:25.kmem 6 December 2006

Kernel memory disclosure in firewire(4)

SA-06:26.gtar 6 December 2006

gtar(1) name mangling symlink vulnerability

SA-07:01.jail 11 January 2007

Jail rc.d script privilege escalation

SA-07:02.bind 9 February 2007

Multiple Denial of Service vulnerabilities in named(8)

SA-07:03.ipv6 26 April 2007

IPv6 Routing Header 0 is dangerous

SA-07:05.libarchive 12 July 2007

Errors handling corrupt tar files in libarchive(3)

SA-07:09.random 29 November 2007

Random value disclosure

SA-07:10.gtar 29 November 2007

gtar(1) directory traversal vulnerability

SA-08:01.pty 14 January 2008

pty snooping

SA-08:03.sendfile 14 February 2008

sendfile(2) write-only file permission bypass

SA-08:04.ipsec 14 February 2008

IPsec null pointer dereference panic

SA-08:05.openssh 17 April 2008

OpenSSH X11-forwarding privilege escalation

3 Open Issues

(24 May 2006) The NFSv4 client in 5.5-RELEASE is an unfinished prototype, and there are a number of issues with it (many documented in the FreeBSD GNATS database) that make it unusable in many situations. Given the state of 5-STABLE development, it is unlikely that these will be resolved on this development branch.

4 Late-Breaking News

(31 May 2006) Thanks to the efforts of Paul Saab, torrents for the various FreeBSD 5.5-RELEASE ISO images are now available at

This file, and other release-related documents, can be downloaded from

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