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FreeBSD 4.0 Errata Notes

If you read no other documentation before installing this
version of FreeBSD, you should at least by all means *READ
THE ERRATA* for this release so that you don't stumble over
problems which have already been found and fixed.  This ERRATA.TXT
file is obviously already out of date by definition, but other
copies are kept updated on the net and should be consulted as
the "current errata" for your release.  These other copies of
the errata are located at:


     (and any sites which keep up-to-date mirrors of this location).

Any changes to this file are also automatically emailed to:

For all FreeBSD security advisories, see:

for the latest security incident information.

---- Security Advisories:

Current active security advisories: None

---- System Update Information:

The tcpdump binary in the bin distribution is erroneously linked against
the library, which is only found in the separate crypto

Therefore, if you only install the bin distribution without the crypto
distribution, tcpdump will not work as installed.

Fix: Download a new tcpdump binary from the following location: (i386) (alpha)

The MD5 checksum of this file is:

    i386 version: MD5 (tcpdump) = 0b3d32b367e7312d546ccae8f1824391
    alpha version: MD5 (tcpdump) = 2d113fa4c38c8a0299d558acb5c6ad57

To verify the checksum of your downloaded copy, perform the following

    /sbin/md5 /path/to/downloaded/tcpdump

and compare with the above.

o Tool source code not installed by (outside of sysinstall)

If you are attempting to extract the full source code from
the CDROM (outside of the sysinstall program), you will end up missing
the tool source code.

Fix: If you are running from /cdrom/src, you will need to also

       cat stool.?? | tar --unlink -xpzf - -C /usr/src

to have the tool sources (/usr/src/tools hierarchy) installed. These are
required to successfully build world.

Last modified on: February 21, 2021 by Danilo G. Baio