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FreeBSD 3.3 Errata Notes

The file
ERRATA.TXT contains post-release ERRATA for 3.3 and should always
be considered the definitive place to look *first* before reporting
a problem with this release.  This file will also be periodically
updated as new issues are reported so even if you've checked this
file recently, check it again before filing a bug report.  Any
changes to this file are also automatically emailed to:

For all FreeBSD security advisories, see:

For the latest information.

---- Security Advisories:

Current active security advisories for 3.3:     None

---- System Update Information:

The fvwm desktop choice in the X Desktops menu doesn't work.

Fix: Install fvwm from /usr/ports/x11-wm/fvwm2 instead of using the
     desktop menu item and put "fvwm" in your $HOME/.xinitrc and
     $HOME/.xsession files for use by startx/xdm.  You can also build
     and reinstall /usr/src/release/sysinstall from 3.3-STABLE sources
     to fix the X Desktop menu item in question.

The lo0 (loop-back) device is not configured on startup, causing
utilities like mountd to fail.

Fix: Assuming that you experience this problem at all, edit /etc/rc.conf
     and search for where the network_interfaces variable is set.  In
     its value, change the word "auto" to "lo0" since the auto keyword
     doesn't bring the loop-back device up properly, for reasons yet to
     be adequately determined.  Since your other interface(s) will already
     be set in the network_interfaces variable after initial installation,
     it's reasonable to simply s/auto/lo0/ in rc.conf and move on.

The 3.3 ISO image (and 3.3 CDROM #1 from Walnut Creek CDROM)
     mysteriously fails to boot on an ATAPI CDROM device but works
     with SCSI CDROMs (on adaptors which support bootable CDs).

Fix: Either install using boot floppies (see floppies/README.TXT)
     rather than booting from the CDROM or grab the updated ISO image

     See also the CHECKSUM.MD5 file in that directory to verify whether
     you have the "old" or new image - some mirrors may be slow
     in picking up the uncompressed and gzipped versions of the ISO 9660
     installation image.  As always, Walnut Creek CDROM will also provide
     replacement CDs (once they become available) on request to purchasers
     of the 3.3-RELEASE product.

     This problem was caused by a bug in mkisofs which we're still
     chasing but have, for now, simply worked-around.

Ppp(8) does not properly detect carrier in direct mode.

Fix: Download and install the latest version of ppp(8) from: (US) (UK)

     or upgrade your system to -stable.

Hitting Ctl-Alt-Space may panic the kernel with the
apm driver which is disabled or is not functional because of
the lack of APM support in the motherboard.

Fix: To fix this, apply the following patch to
     /sys/i386/apm/apm.c and rebuild the kernel.

Index: apm.c
RCS file: /src/CVS/src/sys/i386/apm/apm.c,v
retrieving revision
retrieving revision
diff -u -r1.77.2.8 -r1.77.2.9
--- apm.c   1999/09/12 01:06:28
+++ apm.c   1999/09/20 15:34:29
@@ -621,6 +621,9 @@
 apm_suspend(int state)
    struct apm_softc *sc = &apm_softc;
+   if (!sc->initialized)
+       return;

    switch (state) {
    case PMST_SUSPEND:

    If you don't like to rebuild the kernel, you can edit your
    keymap file so that it won't cause panic.  Find your keymap
    file in /usr/share/syscons/keymap.  Open it with an editor
    program and locate the following line.

      057   ' '  ' '  nul  ' '  ' '  ' '  susp ' '  O
    Change it to

      057   ' '  ' '  nul  ' '  ' '  ' '  ' '  ' '  O
                                          ~~~ (a quoted space)
    You must change the next line too.

      104   slock saver slock saver susp nop  susp nop  O
                                    ~~~~      ~~~~
    Edit this to

      104   slock saver slock saver nop  nop  nop  nop  O

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