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FreeBSD 3.0 Errata Notes

The file
ERRATA.TXT contains post-release ERRATA for 3.0 and should always
be considered the definitive place to look *first* before reporting
a problem with this release.  This file will also be periodically
updated as new issues are reported so even if you've checked this
file recently, check it again before filing a bug report.  Any
changes to this file are also automatically emailed to:

For 3.0 security advisories, see:

For the latest information.

---- Security Advisories:

Current active security advisories for 3.0:     1

o SA-98:08: IP fragmentation denial of service

Fix: Update to 3.0-current or apply patch supplied with advisory 98:08 in:

---- System Update Information:

o The GPL_MATH_EMULATE kernel option causes a fatal trap during system

Fix: Replace the GPL_MATH_EMULATE option with the default math
     emulation option MATH_EMULATE.  This will only affect users who
     have modified their kernel configuration file.  The problem is
     corrected in revision 1.16 of the file

o DOS partition installs fail to find the installation bits.

Fix: Rename C:\FREEBSD to C:\3.0-RELEASE and retry the installation.
     The naming syntax was changed to make DOS more like the other
     types of installation media but the docs on DOS installation
     were not updated properly to reflect this.  The current sysinstall
     now accepts both locations, as it should have to begin with.

Last modified on: February 21, 2021 by Danilo G. Baio