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FreeBSD 2.2.6 Release Notes

                         RELEASE NOTES
                  FreeBSD 2.2.6-RELEASE VERSION

What's new since 2.2.5

Kernel features:

o Added support for SMC EtherPower II 10/100 Fast Ethernet card
  (aka SMC9432TX based on SMC83c170 EPIC chip).

o Added support for DPT SCSI RAID controllers (see LINT).

o New Plug and Play (PnP) support that allows you to (re)configure
  PnP devices.  Also support modems being detected by the PnP
  part and automatically attached.

o Alternate sound driver (/sys/i386/isa/snd) from Luigi Rizzo;
  it does not yet support MIDI (for that, use the old sound
  driver) but it does have much better support for PNP sound
  cards and is much easier to configure (only one device).
  See /sys/i386/conf/LINT for more info.

o Better Linux emulation (applications like RealVideo 5.0 for
  Linux now work).

o Added support for ATAPI floppy drives (LS-120)

o The psm, mse and sysmouse drivers are improved to provide
  better mouse support.  moused(8) has been modified to support
  various mice with a ``wheel''.  It also automatically
  recognizes mice which support the PnP COM device standard so
  that the user is no longer required to supply a mouse protocol
  type on the command line.

Userland features:

o popen() library call now uses and offers bidirectional pipes.

o Added support for parallel makes in /usr/src (-j n works
  now with   world target, particularly useful with SMP

o tcpdump(1) utility enhanced

o Support for ldconfig -R (remove) added.

o Various bugfixes and enhancements to pthread support.

o calendar(1) program brought more up-to-date.

o KerberosIV updated to latest version.

o Various curses(3) bugs fixed.

o Various IEEE754 conformance changes to libm(3).

o Much cleanup and general improvements to the documentation.

o Various improvements to the NIS code.

Security issues:

o Fixed /dev/io and mmap security holes.

o Better protection against "LAND attacks"

o Various buffer overruns detected and extra checks added.

o Pentium "F00F bug" is detected and a work-around installed to
  prevent hangs.

o srandomdev() support merged from -current and utilities updated
  to use it.

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