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This page contains information about porting FreeBSD to the MIPS® platform. Discussion of the MIPS port takes place on the freebsd-mips mailing list.


MIPS is a Tier 2 architecture in FreeBSD 13.x, and as such is not fully supported by the FreeBSD project. MIPS is unsupported as of FreeBSD 14.0.

FreeBSD/MIPS Hardware Notes

FreeBSD/MIPS is a port of the FreeBSD operating system to platforms based around MIPS processors. At the moment, several MIPS32 and MIPS64 development boards and embedded platforms are being targeted.

Listing all supported devices on all CPUs and boards is impractical here, however much information can be obtained from the mailing list and archives, the FreeBSD/MIPS Wiki pages, and also from the Kernel Configuration files


The following non-exhaustive list of CPUs and CPU families are supported:

  • MIPS4Kc

  • MIPS24Kc

  • MIPS74Kc

  • Atheros AR71xx, AR724x, AR91xx, AR933x, AR934x

  • Cavium OCTEON

  • NetLogic XLR/XLS CPU family

  • SRI/Cambridge’s BERI and CHERI open-source FPGA soft-cores

Note that not all peripherals are supported on all CPUs.


The following boards are supported:

  • Ubiquiti Networks Router-Station (AR7130)

  • Ubiquiti Networks Router-Station Pro (AR7161)

  • Ubiquiti Networks PicoStation M2HP (AR7241)

  • Ubiquiti Networks EdgeRouter Lite (OCTEON)

  • TP-Link TL-WR1043ND (AR9132)

  • Mikrotik RouterBoard RB450G

  • Alfa Networks Hornet UB (AR933x)

  • D-Link DIR-825 (AR7161)

  • Atheros PB44, PB47, AP94, AP96 reference designs (AR7161)

  • Atheros DB120 reference design (AR9344)

  • 8devices Carambola-2 (AR9330)

  • Engenius ENH-200 (AR7240+AR9285)

  • Buffalo Airstation WZR-300HP B0 A1

  • MIPS Malta evaluation board

  • Lanner MR-320, MR-730, MR-995 (OCTEON)

  • Portwell CAM-0100 (OCTEON)

  • Radisys AMC-7211 / ATCA-7220 (OCTEON)

  • D-Link DSR-500, DSR-500N, DSR-1000 and DSR-1000N (OCTEON)

  • GE Intelligent Platforms WANIC 6354 (OCTEON)

  • Cavium development boards CN5860-EVB-NIC4, CN5650-EVB-NIC16, CN5200-EVB-MB4

Note that not all peripherals are supported on all boards.

FreeBSD/MIPS mailing list

Join the FreeBSD/MIPS mailing list to contribute code or learn about the status of the project.

To subscribe to this list, send an email to <> or visit the mlmmj interface.

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